Guarantee of Performance

When was the last time you purchased a product that provided a guarantee of performance? The likely answer is probably never.

This is another way Encorp is changing how we do business. Before the purchase of an iSaver we provide our customers in writing 'the minimum performance guarantee' This allows our customers the opportunity to make an educated business decision based on our guaranteed results.

How can we do it? After careful analysis of your yearly consumption of electricity and load profile we will provide a written performance guarantee.

After 90 days from installation or three billing cycles, if your iSaver is not performing as guaranteed, simply call us and we will buy it back and refund the cost of installation!

2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

We provide quality engineered solutions, using only the best components and design, so we are comfortable offering a warranty to match. All iSavers are covered with our 2 year parts and labor warranty.

In the unlikely event there is ever an issue with your iSaver, it will not impede your supply of electricity or harm any of your equipment. The iSaver comes standard with real time monitoring and we have a team of electrical engineers watching your machine’s data on a daily basis. We will probably know if there is an issue before you do … now that is peace of mind.