Mitchell Goldman, President of Accurcast, a supplier of high pressure Aluminum Die castings located in Wallaceburg Canada, talks about how their implementation of an Encorp iSaver was able to eliminate electrical spikes and stablize their power supply, restore their Power Factor to Unity and significantly reduce their equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

Lowering the Cost of Energy Consumption

World energy consumption continues to rapidly rise, outstripping many markets ability to quickly meet this increased demand. As a result, many governments are now legislating strong initiatives to reduce consumption, by more accurately billing for actual Total Power use and raising penalties for inefficiency to incentivise the required rapid change in behaviour.

Energy efficiency is the quickest and cheapest way to lower energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Our extensive product range, including the recent release of the Encorp ‘Smart Power Meter' series allows our customers to meet the rising energy cost challenges head on, with savings starting the very moment that our products are installed.

Our Committment

Our products are supported by a team of highly qualified R&D electrical engineers team with over thirty years’ experience in power solutions and instrumentation. As part of the production process, each product undergoes extensive testing and is quality assured to our own high standards. Our engineering team has extensive industry knowledge, with over 12,000 energy solutions in deployment around the world. Our committment to you is that we can provide you with an energy efficiency product that will deliver cost savings and improved plant productivity.