Encorp Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitor – Featuring
Real-time Measurement

Efficient use of energy is good for both business and the environment. Smart Energy Monitoring is a proven solution that delivers a visible impact to the bottom line, using Web-based technology, our remote monitoring delivers information, analysis, and guidance. This will allow you to better understand your energy profile, take appropriate action, and continually improve energy efficiency and performance. Each of our products feature a dynamic ultra-high speed controller and embedded GPRS modem. This enables data to be captured in real-time and stored on a secure Cloud server. When you login to your account you can view the results or export the data in either Excel or CSV format for further analysis.

Smart Monitor Features

  • Real time metering, phase voltage, line voltage, Current, Active Power, Reactive power, Apparent power, Power Factor, Frequency.
  • Energy and Demand. Active Energy, Reactive Energy, Apparent Energy, Demand.
  • Power Quality. Voltage THD, Current THD.
  • Time. Real time clock to analyse events.
  • Ability to review data in 15 minute, 30 minute or 60minute intervals.
  • Information presented in tables, charts and overlaid graphs for easy understanding..