Frequently Asked Questions

At Encorp, we take a unique approach to the big issues of power conservation, greenhouse emissions and affordable energy saving technology. Our products target many of the inefficiencies in today's power generation networks. The solutions we offer can reduce electrical energy consumption (KVA) by as much as 25%.

Commercial Buildings

Offices & Elevators


Chillers, airconditioning, lighting

Gas Stations

Pumping, lighting, cooling


Pumping, compressors, lighting

What will iSaver do for me?

Encorp energy technology can release up to 30% of your installed capacity, reduce your total electrical consumption by up to 25% and significantly reduce demand charges and efficiency penalties* for your company.

When do we see results?

iSaver will realize total power savings, efficiency improvement, reduced line current and reactive power as soon as the solution is turned ON. The unit’s accurate digital display will detail status change in real time. It will take a full one-month billing cycle to see actual results in your billing*.

What is the payback period?

In typical commercial/industrial environments, suitable applications can expect 1-2 years ROI*.

Are these products safe?

All our products are electrical safety approved, are non-intrusive, fail-safe and once installed operate automatically in the background.

If there is a problem with a unit, is there an automatic power cut off?

All our products are designed with a fail-safe mechanism and there is no interruption in power to your premises.

What is the warranty?

Standard product warranty is 2 years.

Is an iSaver a PF correction device, voltage regulator or a capacitor?

iSaver is an advanced and dynamic power factor correction device that instantly matches the supply and demand of the electrical load. This reduces Total Electrical Power (KVA) consumption, reduces current and reactive power and enhances efficiency of your power supply to near unity.

How does installation and commissioning work?

The iSaver is connected to the respective power supplies and once it is turned ON, it operates automatically. All iSaver installations and commissioning is taken care of by our certified technicians, all you do is sit back and save.